Gaming Nostalgia

Trace back to the mid-late 90's... what occupied your spare time almost 20 years ago?

For me it was Playstation 1 and football. In September 1995, Rayman was released for PS1. I wasn't young enough to remember the release so I didn't discover this piece of magic until at least 1999. 

The music, listening back 15 or so years on is nothing less than extraordinary - covering an array of compositional techniques and ideas. Composer, Remi Gazel, recently decided to go back and rework the arrangements of some Rayman tunes (see end of post).

I've decided to post a short transcription of "Dream Forest", which features quite early on in the game. It is a great example of implying different chords, using the same root. There is also a video alongside to help with figuring out arpeggio shapes.