I first started teaching guitar lessons to a family friend at my home in Tonypandy back in 2007, after taking a few lessons myself here and there. This was the first time I discovered my enjoyment from one-to-one tutoring even though I was certainly no expert and just wanted to do it for fun! As I got a little bit older, I started to take on a few more students, teaching 3 or 4 kids every week whilst doing RGT Grade's 7 and 8, around the same time I was taking A Levels.

I managed to pass both Grade's with Distinction's and achieved an A* in my music A Level. This enabled me to progress my music studies at my chosen university, The Academy of Contemporary Music in Guildford, Surrey. I studied under the likes of Giorgio Serci, Nat Martin, Diego Kovadloff, Adam Pain & Nic Meier to name a small few - all expert musicians in their own right. It was during this time I started teaching for Goodall Guitar School in 2012, based in Farnborough. This is where I got a taste of teaching all ages and experiences fully, set at a dedicated premises with specific course materials to work through. I also taught ukulele here, as well as theory and some songwriting classes.

I left the guitar school after I completed my degree in July 2014, graduating with a First-Class Honours degree in Music. It was when I moved back to South Wales, I had the idea of starting my own teaching business - particularly in mobile tuition, teaching at the student home. I began writing my own learning materials for all disciplines including guitar, ukulele and theory to name a small few and this was at least made a bit easier having had a great deal of previous teaching experience. 

In March 2015, 'Josh Embling Music Tuition' launched officially and since then I've taken on many students of all ages and abilities - in guitar, ukulele, music theory, songwriting & composing, GCSE and A Level music students. It has so far been a tremendous experience, one that I only wish to continue for as long as possible. It's fair to say most of my students have been real eyeopeners in terms of impressing me with their determination and passion for learning music. I can only wish to meet more of the same and strengthen their abilities to the point where they can say that I had an influence on their musical career's.